adidas’ City Series collection sits apart from the rest; not merely a collection of trainers, but the backbone of a movement which has been immortalised in British culture for the last century.
The result stems from “Casual” fashion. Largely generated in the North West, particularly Liverpool - this was the breathing ground for generations of football fans travelling around Europe cladded in adidas. While doing so, opportunity would arise for them to obtain rare and unique trainers abroad - an obsession which resonated with so many and continues to do so today. The fascination was born out of the love of sportswear in the late 1970’s with this came the rise of adidas. Continental football teams like German giants Bayern Munich associated with adidas and those in Britain followed suit. People would begin to not only wear adidas trainers, but match with tee’s and accessories in a casual, non-sporting environment. This alone became a phenomenon in British youth culture and a dominant fixture in wardrobes of many.
Taking name from the German inspiration, the Hamburg was originally released by adidas in 1982, adorning classic suede uppers and gold foil branding, it was introduced in a time where home shopping was all the rage. Noting this, SEVESNTORE have transported back in time where television programmes and devoted shopping were deemed cutting-edge, much like the trainer itself.
A glimpse into the past within a modern outtake focuses on the introduction of the new, re-introduced Hamburg. Much like the original, its inspiration is drawn from the German port city, decked in a rich indigo suede upper, classic three-stripe branding, and a milky durable sole unit. Perfect for a boss Saturday at the match…
The adidas Hamburg is available in-store and online now.