In the late ‘80s and early ’90s, Stussy swept through the clothing landscape of the Southern Californian surf scene, redefining the look and ideology of casual-wear.
Since then the brand has appealed to a worldwide audience, exploring new ideas and territories creating a modern platform for fashion and cultural expression. Stussy builds designs on aesthetics and references from a range of underground subcultures and continues to delve into common themes, stemming from surf-culture, skating and music.
The Stussy Summer collection emphasizes a combination of effortlessly subtle earth tones, bold prints, and elevated fabrics to create a wardrobe for warmth. This upcoming offering delivers a new spin on brand signatures like statement graphics, patterned trousers and new treatments suited for the casual look. Old favourites sit alongside new outtakes of summer shirts, a Rip Dyed Ranch Jacket and headwear for that complete Stussy summer look.
The Stussy Summer 20 collection will be available online from 19 JUNE 20.