Köln, like Liverpool, is a working-class city on the banks of an ancient river. It’s famous for its cathedral spires, its mismatched architecture, its sense of community, the sense of humour of its people, and their self-deprecating attitude. 

It’s not Berlin or Munich, like Liverpool isn’t London. It is its own city, with its own attitude, its own character, and a sense of its place in the world. it’s working class ethic and roots as an immigrant city, are reflected in the cuisine, the laid-back atmosphere, and the welcoming attitude of the population. 

It has been twinned with Liverpool since the 1950s, and is intrinsically tied to Britain through decades of post-war rebuild. It’s rivalry with Dusseldorf, based on football, beer, and industry, is also one that Liverpudlians will recognise and relate to.

FC Köln is the heartbeat of the city. Founded in 1948 as a merger between two local clubs. They play in the Bundesliga, Germany’s top division, and have a fierce rivalry and dislike to neighbouring Fortuna Düsseldorf. They last won the league in 1978, and the cup in 1983 and finished 14th last season. It’s not all doom and gloom though, as Düsseldorf got relegated last year after throwing away a 2-0 lead to in the derby.

SEVENSTORE took Dan Sandison, whose Grandad did national service in the city during the 50’s to retrace some family footsteps and talk through the culture of Köln for the next instalment of the adidas City Series collection.

The adidas Köln City Series will be available online from 05 SEPT 20.