Born under the guise of Leonardo Fasolo, Milan-based brand Nemen first come to fruition back in 2012.


Inside Nemen: Creating A Conflict With Science from SEVENSTORE on Vimeo.

After working under the teachings of Stone Island’s Carlo Rivetti in Milan’s European institute of design, Leonardo forged a path into a career driven by fabrication and aesthetic whilst taking aim at keeping a true artisanal approach and making.
Through his brand Nemen, he has adopted a handmade treatment of design in technical fabrication. Pushed forward through a realm of constantly innovative research, Leonardo’s hunger for experimentation has become part of the DNA of Nemen and is undoubtedly the driving force behind Nemen’s utility driven designs within the highest levels of garment production.
SEVENSTORE sat down with Leonardo Fasolo to give an insider’s view of the everyday workings of Nemen and what drives their experimentation and strategy forward.

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