Performance and function – the two objectives which stand in the fundamentals of the Salomon ethos as well as an inspiration in bringing new cutting-edge techniques to considered weather protecting goods.

Salamon S-Lab Advanced from SEVENSTORE on Vimeo.

Founded by François Salomon’s family in 1947, the beginning of Salomon was made in a ski edge workshop situated in Annecy, France. In the decades passing Salomon was built from the ground and soon became a household name in the manufacturing of alpine and Nordic skiing equipment. Giving the customer everything they needed to play outside 365 days of the year.
In the ‘90s Salomon expanded into hiking and soon became a leading label for outdoor activity. This was the backbone of the brand – both technicality and functionality pushed Salomon to new lengths, but it was soon apparent that this equipment didn’t always have to be used for outdoor activity. It was, and still is a brand built on high practicality, but Salomon never forced their produce onto the fashion world, this was never a conscious decision, but a thought of the consumer in 2014. Picked up by the Broken Arm in the same year, the admiration for the Speedcross silhouette was seen as avant-garde and special for trying to fulfil their initial purpose without any intention of fashion trends.
The year that followed Salomon and the Broken Arm created blacked-out versions of the Speedcross, Snowcross and Sonic. This was a stepping stone into the fashion sphere for Salomon but a one that hasn’t swayed them from their purpose. Resonating with the modern lifestyle, either for hiking or in the club – Salomon work both ways. It is this sense of versatility that has been embraced as functional wear, not only for Salomon but other performance brands such as Patagonia, Arc’teryx and And Wander are progressively flowing into the wardrobes of many a streetwear personnel.
2020 sees Salomon stepping into usual ground with updated iterations of the XT-4, XT-6 and XT Wings sneakers. The perfect accompaniment to the outdoor garment, bridging the gap between both functional and cutting-edge design.
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