As another Raf Simons collection rolls around, we’re treated to another interpretation of youth from the Belgian auteur.
For AW20 we leave the figurative highs of rave culture behind for a more literal one, blasting off spacewards to another earth whose cues come from classic Simon’s collections and our solar system circa-1960.
‘Solar Youth’ presents a more optimistic vision of youth culture, one with more structure and uniformity than seasons past, sound tracked by Bowie. by Raf sent his sci-fi mods down the runway with trimmer trouser silhouettes than in recent times – slim-straight tailoring and subtle flares finishing cleanly at the ankle revealing Simons’ new runner.
Another step into the future, the Runner capsule is either a bold redefinition of athletic footwear, or some kind of metaphor for breaking free of his years long adidas partnership. Hybrid sneaker boots take a sleeker guise than ‘winterised’ versions of the Air Max line – minimal, zipped leather boots with stacked sneaker-esque heels.
Tentative hope is scrawled across hand warmers and bags: ‘they can’t stop us’, ‘with eyes open but still nervous’ – sentiment mirrored by knitwear and jackets using zippers to transform from constrictive capes to open, flowing takes on classic menswear. For today’s youth, they can only hope the same metamorphosis is coming in the near future – where the restriction of a summer locked down gives way to a generation of starmen.
Coming soon to SEVENSTORE.