Delegating through the air of nostalgia, Raf Simons has always touched upon youthful reference within his artistic expression. A culture of rebellion and free-spirit has been a depiction of his early years, celebrated on a rolling cascade of innovative, distinct and stand-out styling.
The Belgian designer takes a familiar route with his latest Autumn/Winter collection. Transporting into the past, Raf Simons channels an era of science fiction or alternatively as he refers to it, a time of ‘Solar Youth’. A cryptic visionary for outer space solitude fulfilled by a backing track of David Bowie’s ‘Life On Mars’, the collection houses more structure and uniformity than previous seasons work. Contextual typography is prominent through oversized coats and patchwork knits, with messages including ‘SOLAR YOUTH’, ‘The Future Has Begun’ and ‘ARRIVAL’, all leaning towards a retro-futurist space landing.
Taking a teleportation back in time, SEVENSTORE leave behind the figurative highs of Raf Simons rave culture for a world of escapism, divulging into a backdrop of 1970’s design. Seeped in a narration of space-age reference, this editorial fuses together this classic era of architecture, lauded for discovery and technological innovation with a world of post-apocalyptic separatism.
The latest collection of Raf Simons is available in-store and online now.