Back in March SEVENSTORE was halted by the uncertain times of lockdown, plans were put in place for special events and curations which were set up with partnerships throughout Liverpool and beyond.
One of those collaborations was with the Open Eye Gallery – a platform to create, share and champion photography as a way to communicate, collaborate and learn. Taking the lead on socially engaged photography, Open Eye Gallery bring together different voices, photographers and communities.
SEVENSTORE have generously supported the Open Eye Gallery with their launch of a new season of 12 weekly live-streams around The Time We Call Our Own – an upcoming exhibition that brings together photographic projects from across the world that document a collective sense of time, place and identity. The events will be streamed on their Twitch channel every Thursday evening at 6PM. There is also an accompanying public Discord community of chat rooms for discussion, sharing memories, and broadcasting playlists put together by participating artists.

The third instalment of The Time We Call Our Own is Andrew Miksys: Disko (Watch Party) on 06 AUG 20, 6-7PM.

Many parties in Lithuania take place in former soviet offices, prisons and municipal facilities. Andrew Miksys’ Disko chronicles clubbing in the ruins of the USSR. He toured the country throughout the 2000s, finding parties and getting to know the people who ran them. On 6th August, he’ll host a guided tour through his book and the landscape of post-soviet Lithuania, charting the people and places that make up the scene.

To join the Discord, follow this link and download Discord on desktop or mobile:
The second instalment of The Time We Call Our Own is Oliver Sieber: Imaginary Club (Watch Party) on 30 JUL 20, 6-7PM.
Oliver Sieber’s Imaginary Club networks people from across the world of various styles and subcultures. Despite the diverse range of looks, affinities and locations, all the people and places share a common marginality. 

Shot across Japan, Europe and the US, the series shows the global propagation of styles — across borders, scenes and subcultures. On 30 JUL, Open Eye Gallery will host a watch party, streaming a video made from the series on their Twitch channel and inviting everyone to share memories and impressions on their public Discord community.

To join the Discord, follow this link and download Discord on desktop or mobile:
The first instalment of The Time We Call Our Own is Amelia Lonsdale & Her Mum: Getting Ready (Watch Party) on 23 JUL 20, 6-7PM.

Amelia Lonsdale met curator Open Eye Gallery Adam Murray through University. One day, she brought in a series of photographs taken in the 1980s by her mother and boyfriend at the time. Dedicated New Romantics, they would make most of their clothes themselves and then photograph each other before they went out. ?In her project 'Miles and Other?'s Smiles', Amelia Lonsdale presents a selection from the archive, charting a chapter of UK DIY fashion.

In this conversation, Amelia and her mother Yvonne will talk through generational approaches to fashion, identity and getting ready. Yvonne and her partner's archive of DIY fashion was a private undertaking, produced with each other, for each other. In contrast, many of the photos we make of ourselves and our friends today are made public, posted on Instagram or other platforms, for an audience. How does this audience change the way we construct our identities through fashion?

After the conversation, everyone is invited to a public chat on Open Eye Gallery’s Discord community, where we’ll be streaming a playlist from the New Romantic era, picked out by Yvonne Taylor. 
To join the Discord, follow this link and download Discord on desktop or mobile:
This event is part of The Time We Call Our Own, led by Open Eye Gallery and supported by SEVENSTORE.