Crafted under the guise of John Galliano since 2014, Maison Margiela is a French luxury fashion house known for deconstructive, intriguing avant-garde designs since the initial conception of the label by Belgian designer, Martin Margiela.
Margiela begin utilizing a distinct offering and inspiration towards fashion in the leading years to the beginning of the brand in 1988. Early interpretations of styles were deconstructed, revealing a true sense of the garments structure, with exposed seams, linings and distressed fabrication. Margiela questioned every aspect of fashion with collections sometimes provoking shock and interest, ultimately setting the Belgian away from the rest, in a new, unknown experimental direction.
For SS21, Galliano’s techniques and production have been industrialised and reworked with a less labour-intensive manner. This process has allowed the Margiela realm to flourish and still capture the same artisanal techniques used previously. Deriving from such change is a collection that has taken timely motivation from the renewed desire for interdependence, setting up for a new ready-to-wear line of ‘deconstructed-reconstruction’. The concept involving upcycling of existing garments is a continuation of revolutionary inner workings left by Martin Margiela and a motto to “Make it your own” that has been left ringing in the ears of Galliano.
A collection comprised of repurposed cottons, dead-stock fabrics, offcuts and luxury leathers all speak about the modern mentality and sustainable ethics of the fashion brand today, while in keeping with Margiela’s distinct luxury taste. Classic ready-to-wear t-shirts mirror aspects of vintage essentials while playing on garment dyed techniques and assortments. Distressed denim is a premium fixture to any Margiela collection, harbouring a sense of timelessness and purveying a continual resurrection and reconstructive form that whole heartedly runs throughout each and every garment on offer.
The latest collection of Maison Margiela is available online now.