C.P. Company was founded under the guise of Italian-born designer, Massimo Otsi. His foray into experimentation ultimately led him to designing clothes in the 1970’s instigating a foundation that would go onto shape the way outerwear garments are worn, styled and designed to this present day.
Massimo Otsi was a self-proclaimed designer of ‘clothing-objects’, recognised by his peers as the ‘Godfather of urban sportswear’. His drive and addiction into the pursuit of everything functional became the heart beat to the C.P. Company that we know and love today. The deep-rooted influence of military and working uniforms presented a canvas where functional pieces of outerwear could be divulged through a spectrum of progressive fabrication, processing and technique.
An integral segment to the C.P. Company story is formed from the Mille Miglia Jacket. Otsi became ingrained in research of protective hoods used by the military and specifically, anti-gas hoods gave him a particular idea. The idea of moving the lenses from the collar to the hood and attaching further lens detailing to arm meant the wearer could protect themselves from elements and carry out their duties at the same time. This version of the inaugural jacket was first used in 1988 to sponsor the Mille Miglia car race where participants, organisers and race officials all got to wear the select piece. It was a timeless, functional garment as well a showcase of the man behind the brand and his ability to push for progressive thinking. To this day, this is the jacket that has set the bar for C.P. Company and a symbol for the inspiration behind the popular Goggle design.
C.P. Company’s fierce commitment to innovation propelled the brand to success and ultimately, longevity. The influence of Massimo Otsi and his design language is still at the core of the brand 15 years after his death. Following on from his departure, C.P. Company have kept the same blueprint for design – demonstrating technical innovation and understated design. Alongside designer Alessandro Pungetti, creative director Paul Harvey (Ten-C and Stone Island) has carefully adhered to the DNA set out by Otsi and took an approach of fusing traditional and modern materials - something which is he way too familiar with having worked under Otsi’s other creation, Stone Island.  
“If someone else has already done it, don’t do it” is the key focus behind C.P. Company and a forethought of Paul Harvey. It is this that has transcended from the early days of the brand, showing integrity while progressing through each collection with updates of advanced expression.
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