Comme des Garçons has a plethora of realms situated under its expansive fashion house. The Comme des Garçons mainline, Wallet, BLACK, PLAY and Comme des Garçons SHIRT all fall from the same CDG tree that is radically refined from the workings of Rei Kawakubo.

Aside from the free-flowing fashion garment, Comme des Garçons now operates in the world of fragrance, ultimately shadowing the distinct, gender-weaving concepts that have brought the Japanese house the forefront of fashion. Entitled, Parfums - mirroring the brands long affiliation to the French, the fragrance line is an unconventional view on the world of perfume, much like in the same spirit as the labels emphatic garment collection.

First launched in 1994, Comme des Garçons Eau de Parfum, the first self-titled fragrance was released. Fitting into the avant-garde nature of the brand, their first go at Eau de Parfum isn’t your usual fixture to the classical three-phase perfume structure. With notes different for each and every consumer, the distinct touches of Cedar, Labdanum and Sandalwood interact and intertwine with compositions on the skin for a truly unique scent.

An exploration into deconstruction, construction and creation, Comme des Garçons CONCRETE is a fragrance where preconceptions of materials are abolished, paving the way for something new and innovative. Concrete is an accumulation of innovative intent - deconstruction of Sandalwood notes collate with Rose Oxyde and Cedarwood to give an eloquent elevation to signature CDG spices such as Cumin and Jasmine Sambac.

With the blurred aesthetic of masculine and feminine motifs a familiar fixture in the Comme des Garçons PARFUMS collection, the steeped notion of innovation comes in the form of the PLAY fragrance offering. PLAY Black is a subtle and spiced reminder of Comme’s expansive vision – infused with herbaceous notes of Black Tea, Pepper and Thyme, the heart-fronted bottle is underlined with a floral finish. A carefully crafted nod to the heart motif. 
The Comme des Garçons Parfums collection is available in-store now.