Comme des Garçons is world-renowned. A fashion house with many facets and spectrums that have transcended and developed through time, ultimately changing what we consider to be fashion today.
Rei Kawakubo started Comme des Garçons in the city of Tokyo in 1969 before it was officially established as a company in 1973, with the first Paris show debuting in 1981. Since the Paris show in 1981, Kawakubo has garnered recognition throughout leagues of the fashion elite where she has challenged the fundamental perceptions of both men’s and womenswear with her elevation of reference, proportion, technique and increasingly conceptual shows. In addition to this, she has been championed as a mentor for her staff including Junya Watanabe among others.
It’s no doubt that Rei Kawakubo and Comme des Garcons’ presence in the fashion world has become an overarching influence on many of today’s contemporaries. In turn, collaborative focuses have been championed through the label with partnerships including Louis Vuitton, Nike and Converse all prevalent in shaping new benefits for the brand - bringing Comme to a whole new audience in today’s mainstream market.
New lines and subsidiaries have since made it onto the Comme des Garçons catalogue including Comme Shirt, Comme PLAY and Comme Wallet. All of which take focused attention into select markets and audiences to elevate the outcome of the global Comme des Garçons brand.
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