For many people streetwear can be whatever it wants, but nowadays the luxury brands have dominated the streetwear scene and presented us with a false idea of what streetwear really is. More often than not were met with overwhelming amounts of monochrome tracksuits with only a splash of colour on some overpriced trainers to spark some interest. Here this brand is throwing away those labels and approaching streetwear with that good ol’ Southern California attitude.


Founded by Kurt Narmore and designed by Rick Klotz, Noon Goons have brought out their best collection yet. They’ve given us everything from corduroy to snakeskin, showing us those transitional staples are more than just jumpers and shirts. This collection represents in essence the California surf scene, whilst throwing in some “f#$k you” anarchy of punk culture. It mixes ready to wear pieces with conventional surf wear to give us a more laid back, casual style showing people that streetwear can be whatever you want, literally. This represents with some of the key pieces in this collection, featuring a snakeskin tracksuit, plaid shirts and a corduroy jacket. Mixing in fabrics and prints that you wouldn’t normally find in streetwear, this experimental prowess has been a key figure in this statement collection.


One piece that stands out is the snakeskin tracksuit. Probably for the more adventures of us out there, this head to toe print ensemble is completely out of the ordinary for the brand and to even appear under the umbrella of streetwear, but this is where the brand have been clever. They’re basically saying ‘up yours’ to the definitions that segregate what can and can’t be considered when it comes to their brands aesthetic and streetwear as a whole.


“Never before dawn, that hour, it makes me yawn. Now and forever a dude, because I can’t be bothered before noon” wise words by Rick Klotz.