Moncler have enlisted global streetwear designer, Hiroshi Fujiwara for the latest instalment of the Genius collaborations project. Known as a godfather of Ura-Harajuku fashion and head of Fragment Design, Hiroshi has many faces such as a creator, producer and a musician. This background underscores his approach to crafting collections: wide-reaching reference, extensive sampling and offbeat collaborations, all fused together by his cultural sixth sense. He approaches fashion from a personal, if not egotistical, point of view: in making clothing that he himself would like to wear, Fujiwara touches a chord in his followers.

At Moncler, Fujiwara merges functional design and mysterious slogans with the brand’s technical expertise, delivering seemingly normal pieces that are in fact full of hidden surprises. The first drop of 7 MONCLER FRGMT HIROSHI FUJIWARA 2021 focuses on lighter, mid-season items. For men, the range features bombers, puffers, workwear jackets, a diverse range of outerwear that nods to the designer’s streetwear heritage, and sophisticated takes on jersey tops, sweatshirts, Bermuda shorts and trousers.

And always with an eye on tomorrow, Fujiwara has created a few garments with sustainable features. A puffed-out anorak is crafted in organic cotton and sustainable fabrics, while quilted jackets include fabrics made with recycled nylon, and adorned with recycled brass snap buttons.
The slogan of the season that runs along the back of a jacket, sounds rather matter-of-fact: WORLD OF MONCLER. Whether right side up or upside down, read from any perspective its acronym, WOM, always reads the same. This reflects Fujiwara’s consistent take on Moncler. He embraces its heritage, strength and uniqueness, the pinnacle of innovation, finest design, and communication as a distinctive whole.
As ever for Fujiwara, the collection involves different collaborations across a spectrum of subcultures. British leather specialist Lewis Leathers returns to the fold, collaborating on a new version of their classic 441 Cyclone jacket, whilst interpretations of the iconic Chuck 70, a modern ode to the Chuck Taylor All Star, and Jack Purcell were created with Converse. The collection also includes an array of hats, beanies and bucket hats.
The 7 MONCLER FRGMT HIROSHI FUJIWARA collection will be available to purchase online from 8 JULY 21.