“The main idea is the beauty of Russia and its new generation” – Gosha.
Founded in 2016 by Gosha Rubchinskiy and friend/ pro-skater Tolia Titaev, the Muscovite brand spotlights Russian skate culture. Think east-meets-west where east is influenced from their native eastern bloc, and west is hits of collegiate America.
Written in the labels native Cryllic alphabet, the name appears, to English speaking eyes, as ‘PACCBET’ – a guise under which many outlets report on, market and sell Rubchinskiy and Titaev’s brand. Nothing like some classic western ignorance: the Cryllic logo is pronounced with phonetics in line with, surprise surprise, the Cryllic alphabet – ‘Rassvet’.
Ironically, it means sunrise in Russian, indicative of what Gosha has been doing for post-soviet Russian culture in the streetwear age. By injecting the energy and creativity of his own youth growing up in Moscow into graphic t-shirts, utility pants, fleeces and hoodies, Rassvet is painting a fresh picture of eastern Europe’s vibrant culture – it just needs its new audience to do a little bit of research into their native tongue. The result is crowd-pleasing streetwear stapes that fuse a gritty, retro-futurist aesthetic with early 2000’s skate culture.
The AW20 collection blends utilitarian skate classics in relaxed, straight leg trousers and denim with bold abstract graphics tiled across shirting and knitwear. Graphic tees and sweats provide effortless skate style against the backdrop of Russia’s new generation, and classic patterns play out across trucker jackets and shirts – styled together leveraging the past to create a more eclectic, progressive future.
The beauty of Rassvet is the energy it embodies, tapped up from Moscow’s underground skate scene, through each collection and onto the world stage. Rubchinskiy and Titaev signify the new dawn of Eastern European skate and streetwear in western fashion – time to brush up on your Russian.
The additional imagery was photographed by Gosha Rubchinskiy in Vyborg, a destination with a rich history and strong connection between Europe and his native Russia.
Coming soon to SEVENSTORE.