25 years on from the conception of a cultural icon, a forerunner in Max Air cushioning and a powerful neon infused, anatomy-inspired design unlike any sneaker seen before. The Nike Air Max 95 Neon OG returns.

Conceived under the guise of one of Nike’s best, Sergio Lozano proposed a commanding design for the original Air Max 95. Thought-out from the correlations between the construction of the human anatomy and the essential pieces needed for a layered intention, Lozano and his team at Nike called on this bold inspiration to construct a lacing system with guidance from a set of ribs, a spine-infused outsole and a mesh and suede upper reminiscent of the body’s muscular fibres. Whereas the design story remains iconic, the sneaker’s colourway is the centrepiece. The employment of a neon yellow pulled the sneaker from the shadows, and into the spotlight and went on to create 25 years of unrivalled history, popularity and cultural connection.
The Nike Air Max 95 was released in a time of shifting generations, blurring the lines of new and old trends that ultimately set up an identity for the people. The profound purveyors of changing style were ingrained in the heartland of Merseyside culture and by 1995, the city of Liverpool was shrouded in a sea of neon. The Nike Air Max 95 Neon has since become a part of the city’s make-up, an insular uniform built up from the ground of powerful pavement runners to cement itself in the past, present and presuming future of the city’s uniqueness.
To honour this sportswear pillar of the community and its long-standing affinity to the city of Liverpool, SEVENSTORE follow an emotive, informative journey into the anatomy of Liverpool, unearthing the marriage of personality, pride and tradition that captures the true essence of the city’s love affair with the silhouette and how one sneaker changed the landscape of the region forever.
As an artistic donation to Merseyside, partnering with film maker Glenn Kitson & a team of Liverpool creatives, the Nike Air Max 95 OG Neon campaign truly represents an ode to the city through both an audio and visual tapestry.
Liverpool, this is for you!
The Nike Air Max 95 OG Neon is available to register to purchase through SEVENSTORE Launches now.