Cult label 1017 ALYX 9SM brought us its AW19 collection with the continuation of high-profile collaborations, a focus on the “extreme present”, and the mimicked construction of urban districts that shadow our everyday directions. Not only does this season follow the monochrome colour palette we know and love ALYX for, Creative Director Matthew Williams focuses on the use of recycled materials and up-cycled techniques: “sustainability is a new pillar of luxury”.
Growing up playing soccer in California, you can see how sportswear has heavily influenced Williams’ ALYX. This season sees the creative director’s second training collecting with Nike producing training tops, chest pouches, jackets and even 2 in 1 shorts and skirts. 1017 ALYX 9SM also continued their collaboration with Makintosh, the coat maker so influential it’s synonymous for its signature outwear products. Oversized puffer jackets were paired with sleek overcoats on the catwalk - juxtaposing textures tied together with industrial belts and chest rigs.
Splashes of red, pinstripes and checks give the oversized-top-thin-leg silhouette a pop. Thick to thin cable knits look soft and mimic the frayed denim in matching waistcoats and jeans. High-neck coats, removable hoods and the rollercoaster buckle belts are must-have features to complete the modern, hardy aesthetic.

Matthew Williams has called this collection Ex Nihilo,“out of nothing”, mirroring the title of his newest collaborative photography book, one of many that is expanding and translating Williams’ fashion talents into art. Photographed by Daniel Shea and art directed by OK-RM, Williams has a great renaissance mind towards his work showing us the elements that go into the brand including photographs of the ore that they use to make their famous buckles, down to the places they are inspired by and people they work with.
Any designer can claim great attention to detail, but Matthew Williams’s graphics have not only been translated through the collection. The models at 1017 ALYX 9SM AW19’s Paris Fashion Week Men’s show were styled with handfuls of papers bound by the brown strips that we see in the book. Ex Nihilo also included over 15 womenswear looks in Paris, introducing the brands first women’s handbags, and cementing Williams’ ability to create effortless, genderless looks season after season.
The current 1017 ALYX 9SM collection is available online at, shop the iconic Rollercoaster Belt, Makintosh Formal Coat and Classic Chest Rig here.