SEVENSTORE connects people to the ideas of community, technology and expression.

Set in Liverpool’s post-industrial heartland, SEVENSTORE’s creative retail space places globally recognised fashion houses next to emerging talents. It is a consumer-focused space where like-minded creatives can share experiences through fashion, music, art and culture.

Whether it be through digital workshops, artistic collaborations, panel discussions or live events, SEVENSTORE is a platform set out to merge local and global communities together while driving forward the future of fashion and creating unique, significant opportunities for creative minds.


Industry is built on information and technology. SEVENSTORE harnesses the information age to connect the community to the latest in in innovative fashion and footwear.

The space promotes creative collaboration, placing globally recognised fashion houses next to emerging talents – telling stories from Paris, Tokyo and London to the streets of Liverpool, unified by a need for expression and our connected, global culture. 

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