Conceived in the Scottish city of Dundee, POSTAL is a passion project immersed in a variation of vibrant subcultures exhibiting a collection of eye-catching wardrobe essentials.

Set up by founder and designer Nel Roy, POSTAL previously teamed up with Glaswegian DJ, Jasper James on a partnership dedicated to the influences of 90’s brands, rave scenes and warehouse parties of that era. But this time looked to something different for inspiration. 
As the end of 2020 draws to an unpredictable close, POSTAL give exclusivity to SEVENSTORE with a brand-new collection. Entitled, ‘The Nu-Normal’, this amply named capsule is made up of T-shirts and Hoodies that take embroidered reference on the current state of affairs, linking to an overarching theme of anarchy. Through a showcase of branded logos and typography, the influence is built from the growing tensions between different mindsets and the ever-evolving concerns that modern society faces, as it charges into a faceless dystopia.
The latest POSTAL collection will be available online from 16 DEC 20.