Nike was born on the foundation of redefining sneakers for coaches and athletes alike with stand-out swoosh adorned silhouettes that have transcended through the years. Now, in the present-day, Nike is so much more and their continuation to propel through the sports sphere with new, progressive iterations of product is a testament to their commitment and drive.

Nike’s scope on sportswear is so vast they leave no stone unturned. With that in mind, the NRG Essentials collection takes note on casual collection aimed for the city streets as well as the running track. The NRG offering is a versatile scope of lifestyle and sport infused into a range of minimalistic styles to suit everyone.

Made up for comfort, Nike present the NRG Essentials line with an eclectic mix of Hoodies, Shorts, Crew Sweats and Jogger Pants all detailed with Nike’s signature swoosh branding and heavyweight fabrication. This toned-down collective is a clean variety of streamlined wardrobe staples that take on the world of athleisure. 

Through premium fabrication and detail, Nike’s finesse is epitomised in this range of essentials that cater street-savvy style to effortless staples. Perfect for days of relaxation, but also an accompaniment to the gym and track wear.

The Nike NRG Essential collection is available in-store and online now.