2020 was the year that played host to the equivocal rise of the 990 series, much dominated by the return of New Balance’s famed 992 silhouette. Through numerous coveted collaborations, new colourways and retro-releases, the sportswear outfit solidified a fresh stance within the shifting contemporary menswear market. 
Beginning this year is no different, New Balance start by taking of their longstanding catalogue favourites – the 574 silhouette, updating the classic 1988 style with a refined modernised aesthetic, giving a whole new lease of life to the original. Bolder and brighter than the first rendition of the sneaker, the new 5740 incorporates a selection of New Balance eras - with the upper paying homage to the 574 models of the 1980’s and 1990’s. An enlarged logo similar to the newly introduced 327 is embedded onto the side of each sneaker, but the main attraction comes with the two stacked midsoles, nodding to a time of classic design and trail-running heritage.
Launched in a neutral scheme of black and white, both sneakers’ punchy midsole is accentuated with layers of purple, red, green and orange, creating a new burst of colour and significant stand-out appeal.
The New Balance 5740 will be available online from 29 JAN 21.