Rick Owens is a leader in design, an industry maverick and a name that incites a darkly coloured scope on an ideal sense of what fashion should be.
His DRKSHDW or Dark Shadow line was launched in 2008, channelling gothic, avant-garde ready to wear uniforms from an influence of brutalist design and religious education. This distinct design language is like no other; perfecting styles of oversized T-shirts, drop crotch drapery and a cluster of premium denim pieces shadow a plethora of familiar Rick Owens shapes and fits.
DRKSHDW’s multi-layered aesthetic has gained an international cult following, much like the Rick Owen’s mainline. His ability to stay true to his roots with an ever-expanding vision of punctuated drapes and heavy soles has cast the American-born designer into the elite league of today without being deterred by the changing of modern trends.
The latest Rick Owen’s DRKSHDW collection is available in-store and online now.