Dundee-born streetwear brand POSTAL launch their imprint for Fall 19 at SEVENSTORE.
Fall 19 marks the fourth release of the brand’s exclusive collection for SEVENSTORE. It sees POSTAL continuing to strengthen their vision for a clothing line that playfully pokes fun at modern drop culture through satirical embroidered messages.

The cult brand provides a refined Fall 19 offering consisting of four t-shirts designs in a variation colourways. A small collection that comes in limited numbers gives indication that this collection will sell out fast, just as their previous collections have demonstrated.

This collection shows an evident continuation of their Summer 19 collection which saw inspiration drawn from DJ, Jasper James. Graphics on this season’s POSTAL T-shirts take a deeper look at underground culture with a nod to Scotland’s rave scene. Upon the t-shirts, type is warped and layered, mimicking the flashing lasers in underground clubs. Taking the moody autumnal shades of stone grey and deep purple, they are contrasted with a sharp turquoise, making the waves of the lettering prominent.

Creator of POSTAL, Nel Roy, stays true to the brand’s minimal look that it is loved for by their devoted following. Short sleeves, small logo placement and a carefully selected colour palette. The words “I Chose Something Else” is stamped on their Choose Lyf t-shirt in the collection gives recognition to POSTAL’s audience.

As a primary stockist for the fledging brand, POSTAL’s latest limited collection will land online and in-store exclusively at SEVENSTORE on Thursday 26th September.