Dries Van Noten brings his idea of ‘Nostalgia del futuro’ to AW19. With a career spanning three decades, the Belgian designer delivers a considered look on future tailoring.

A backdrop of people that inspire Van Noten covered the soundtrack to the show in Paris – including snippets of songs and mixed conversations from David Bowie, Kurt Cobain, David Hockney, Christopher Isherwood, Yves Saint Laurent and a collage of Jimi Hendrix’s tie-dye guitar riffs.
Executed through a modern take on tailoring, Noten ties waists, squares shoulders and adds volume – typically playing with proportions, marrying masculine pieces with some traditionally feminine shapes. Dark palettes are lit up with vivid explosions of tie-dye, bathing autumnal sunflower prints in rich yellows and purples.
A standout from the collection comes in the form of the Valder Parka, a four-pocket, tie-dye printed parka essential for the changing seasons. Finished with a double zip closure system and shell lining, it’s an ode to the classic parka expressed by a master of his craft.

Dries Van Noten has described this collection as “a very elegant wardrobe”, based on the importance of young people and the future. He rewinds to early-70’s psychedelic prints, surging patterns and a tie-dye injection of colour; this counterbalance of youthful colour and grown-up silhouettes is contemporary elegance defined.
The Dries Van Noten AW19 collection is available in-store and online now.