Dr. Martens celebrate the 60th anniversary of the 1460 boot with a special collaborations projects incorporating 12 world-renowned brands, labels and creatives. Number 10 falls to Medicom Toy, with a rework of the original boot alongside six bespoke Bearbricks.

Known for their collectable Bearbricks, Japanese cult favourite Medicom Toy uses these canvases to channel modern creative expression. Their collaborations can span art, design and subcultures and for this collection the spotlight is on all three as they look back on Dr. Martens six-decade heritage.

The limited edition 1460 boot is not just a one-off. It’s a first. Co-designed by the creators of the Medicom Toy label, it’s one of their only non-figurine collaborations. A completely debossed upper and ‘@’ stamp on the side is both subtle — yet instantly recognisable to Medicom Toy enthusiasts. Nodding to the brand’s signature Bearbricks, the boot has been crafted with a fleece lining and fluffy laces — included in both red and blue. The Medicom recognisable logo is stamped on a branded debossed upper — framed by the Dr. Martens standout DNA.

Along with 1460 boot, the collaboration includes six bespoke Bearbricks. Taking cues from the wearer’s in each decade, the 60’s is where Dr. Martens began, showing off a buzzcut and infused with Ska influence. The 70’s Bearbrick is loud, brash and ready to challenge the norm. The 80’s goth Bearbrick is all leather, lace and fishnets, while the 90’s flannel, Docs and an unwashed attitude can only be grunge Bearbrick. The vibrant Kawaii movement inspires the colourful 00’s Bearbrick, with the 2010’s Bearbrick sporting a beard and plaid touches. Together, they’re a tribute to the alternative subcultures that have made Dr. Martens the brand they are today.

The Dr. Martens X Medicom Toy collaboration will be available in-store and online from 31 OCT 20.