Converse and Jerry Lorenzo’s Fear of God Essentials have teamed up once again to revive the retro Skidgrip silhouette. Dating back 110 years, the Skidgrip has seen many reinventions over the years, this time it is through the eyes of Jerry Lorenzo’s childhood in the ‘80s.
With bold, vibrant colours, the Skidgrip was a go-to for surfers and skaters in the late ‘80s – as well as one of Lorenzo’s favourites. The revitalised collaboration repurposes bold, archival prints from the ‘80s which were originally designed in 1987 when the sneaker was commercially known as the Con-Rad. The printing combines blues, purples and reds for a summertime feel - shying away from the minimalist colour palette you’d expect from the usual Fear of God Essentials line.
The Skidgrip takes on High-top collars and a recraft from the OG rubber, catching the essence of Fear of God’s main line but looking down onto touches of the Skidgrip of the late ‘80s.
The Converse X Fear of God Essentials ‘Skidgrip’ is available to register to purchase on SEVENSTORE Launches now or in-store from 27 AUG 20.