Converse edits, evolves and elevates a new collection of recrafted Skidgrip silhouettes through an expression of traditional fall fabrics and patterns.

Inspired by the endless possibilities of textiles and weaving, the Skidgrip Twisted Plaid styles explore conventional materials and uncover new, vibrant expressions. Tartan gets a punk- inspired twist. Glen plaid colours outside the lines. And the distinct textures of knitwear and collegiate fleece come down to street level. What started as an experiment resulted in cohesive, elevated and boundary-pushing designs. It’s a collection of two new classics bound by one common thread: discovery.

Both sneakers accentuate a low top silhouette through vibrant colourway fixings. An Ortholite insole holds the foot for elevated comfort with finalised vintage white stitching and Converse heel branding.

The Converse Twisted Plaid Skidgrip is available in-store and online now.