For Autumn/Winter 2020, Raf Simons introduces a new line of sportswear-influenced and facilitating footwear, Raf Simons (RUNNER).
Independently designed and manufactured by Raf Simons, the initial range of footwear showcases seven entirely new silhouettes and styles through a number of different colourways. The focus of each and every sneaker showcases an investigation into form and function, and an exploration of shape – particular into how sports sneakers are challenged and re-purposed.
A focus on natural materials - leather and suede on moulded heels mark out the range. Such fabrication is pronounced through efficient technical innovations and strong colour palettes emphasising the overall objective from Raf Simons. Titles of the new range include SOLARIS, ANTEI, CYLON, ORION and 2001, offering a new window into the thought processes behind them.
Coming soon to SEVENSTORE.