Aries and New Balance have combined forces once again for the release of two interpretations of the Made In England 991 model as well as an accompanying collection of graphic jersey pieces.

The collaboration takes inspiration from the unpredictability of the way sportswear is developing and the outsider perspective of a particularly British style of tribal streetwear. Creative director of Aries, Sofia Prantera describes the motto behind the idea, “The term Unbalanced seemed to fit perfectly as an Aries graphic but also as slogan to promote inclusivity and unpredictability and the way sportswear is evolving as the new uniform for everyday life.”

Crafted at the historic New Balance factory in Cumbria, each 991 colourway exhibits a vibrant and diverse array of materials including fluorescent mesh, suede and pearlised leather. Taking innovation to the next level, the two brands have also brought together bold logos and luminous colourways through a variety of sweatshirts, t-shirts, sweatpants and socks.
Aries X New Balance is available from 29 October 19.