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Inspired by running, made for 2018. adidas Originals Yung 1 dips into the late 90’s to take what was a transient running model, the Falcon Dorf, and repurpose it for the new streetwear generation.
The chunky runner comes back dressed in Hi-Res Orange and Shock Yellow – startling hues that are given depth and richness through contrasting textures of mesh and nubuck. Equally striking, though slightly less orange, is the Orange/ Collegiate Navy colourway; contrasting red, orange, white and navy shows off the varied panelling to the Yung 1’s upper.

While only minor tweaks to the silhouette are obvious when viewed next to the original Falcon Dorf, the Yung 1 is an example of how to perfectly reanimate an archive model. Updated materials and colourways are layered over heady nostalgia right in line with today’s retro milieu - giving the runner more cultural relevance now than it had in 97. 

Launching on Thursday 21st June, the adidas Originals Yung 1 is essential whether you remember it the first time around or not.

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