In recent times, the effect of streetwear on mainstream fashion has been striking. With big business literally buying into the culture - and the social media native youth essentially steering the multi-billion-dollar ship - it’s a historic time to be a fan of anything sneaker-related.

While the idea of a day celebrating a line of athletic shoes may seem like an indulgent one for many, for anyone involved in the industry, Nike’s Air Max is fully deserving of a full days meditation. 

Now in its 4th year, Air Max Day celebrates every pair of beaten Air Max 1’s, every yellowed Air bubble and every deadstock pair perfectly preserved and stored in a cool, loving place. While the ‘holiday’ was introduced by Nike themselves, even cynics can't deny the importance of the line in building sneaker culture, and in pushing the boundaries of athletic performance. 

The shoe that started it all, the Tinker-designed Air Max 1, changed the game back in 1987. In a market dominated by muted shades and dull mixtures of suede and mesh, the striking red/white shoe with a partially see-through midsole was the savior people didn't even know they’d been waiting for. It’s not too much to attribute the Air Max 1 as the catalyst for sneaker culture as we know it today. 

30 years on, the line is breaking new ground with the Air Max 270, incorporating a first-of-its-kind Air unit designed specifically for leisurewear, a nod to how far the line - and street culture - has come. Celebrating the release of the classic ‘Dusty Cactus’ colourway, we took over The Bombed Out Church to embody the spirit of innovation and community.

Outside of product, Air Max day is a celebration of everyone who makes the line possible. In our ever-connected world, with reddit threads, Nike+ and the SNKRS app, the modern sneakerhead is as diverse as they are fanatical. Through social media, they’re the ones influencing their peer groups, breaking sneaker news as it happens, and allowing innovation to permeate through to the streets quicker than ever before. Highlighting the role community plays in streetwear culture, we set up 7 plinths in key areas of Liverpool displaying holograms of the Nike Air Max 270, letting the people get closer to the technology on the eve of the launch.

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