There’s an argument to be made about the inevitability of success being one of Kanye West’s creative collaborators. Mathew Williams, creative director of 1017 ALYX 9SM, was an early member of multidisciplinary creative outfit DONDA, working in collaboration with Ye, Virgil and Heron Preston. That’s some foundation for a career in fashion.


Using his West Coast upbringing and wife Jennifer as inspiration, Williams’ collections present an upscale Californian adolescence – timeless hedonism in leathers and denim that sit alongside contemporary tailoring and streetwear’s calling cards, all punctuated with luxe hardware.


William’s references to a fast life have done more than take his lighter caps to Paris fashion week – it’s provided a shot straight into high-fashion’s bloodstream. Collaborating with Dior Homme, ALYX’s signature rollercoaster buckles hold significant weight in aligning the French Fashion house with the streetwear-oriented landscape under creative director Kim Jones.

The 1017 ALYX 9SM SS19 collection is available online at, shop the iconic Chest Rig Buckle Baseball Cap and Classic Coat here.